Refund policy

You can cancel or return your rentals from the date on which you placed the order, and up to and including 4 days after receipt of the items you ordered. You may have tried on the item, but must not have used it to such a degree that it cannot be sold again. Therefore, if you want to retain your right of withdrawal, you must not have broken stickers, tags and other labels on the item.


If you have paid for an item, we will refund the amount, including delivery charge, once we have received the returned item, but excluding delivery costs of DKK 30 and any supplements from packaging providers such as fuel surcharge, if you have returned items to us using a return label. If you choose to keep some items and only cancel part of the order, the delivery charge will not be refunded.


If you wish to cancel or return your order, please inform us in writing by using the printed return slip that comes with your package, or by completing and submitting the standard form, which you can obtain from the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, and which you can also find in Appendix 3 in the Danish Consumer Protection Act.


If you use our printed return slip, you can return the items by:

  1. Taking the return slip and writing the code that best describes the reason why you are returning the item,
  2. Enclosing the return slip with the good(s) you wish to return in the reuseable packaging you received,
  3. Attaching the self-adhesive return label, which is attached to the delivery note, to your return packaging or
  4. Handing in the package to a delivery service.


The regulations regarding defects of the Danish Sale of Goods Act apply, and you also have a 2-year warranty period as stated in the Danish Consumer Protection Act.