How it works

Fashion, but smarter

Rent the Look brings you fashion, but smarter: buy less, wear more. Expand your wardrobe options endlessly in three easy steps:

  1. Rent or buy your fashion pieces
  2. Wear and enjoy
  3. Return when no longer needed

Be the most stylish version of yourself without harming the planet. It’s simple: When you’re done with your rental (or even purchased) clothes, send it back to us. After a strict quality inspection and cleaning process, we ship it to a new customer. It saves you a lot of money and the planet a lot of resources.


Rent or buy. Either way, it’s circular

Rent with buy-out option

You can choose to rent your fashion pieces. The minimum rental period is one week; the maximum period is up to you (subject to availability). You pay per week. Before being sent to you, the clothes have been carefully inspected and cleaned at our eco-friendly facility. Expect every piece to be as good as new. If you fall in love with a rented piece, you have the Buy It Out option. The Buy It Out price depends on the item’s history and can be checked via your customer profile. Once bought, an item is registered as a purchase on your profile with an option to trade-in later (subject to availability).

Three reasons to rent:

  • Fresh, unique outfits for all your upcoming events and parties
  • New week, new wardrobe – but for less money
  • Become part of the solution for the environment

Buy new with a trade-in option

If you choose to buy new with trade-in option, you will receive new clothes that were not previously rented. If at any point you decide that you no longer need your purchased item, you can trade it in and receive a voucher for future purchases on the platform. Check the current trade-in price via your customer profile. When we receive the trade-in item from you, it will be inspected and cleaned at our eco-friendly facility and shipped to a new customer, therefore putting the piece back into the circular economy.

Three reasons to buy as new and return:

  • No more purchase regrets just sitting in your closet
  • Avoid the hassle of re-selling your clothes on the second-hand market
  • Become part of the solution for the environment


It’s easy to do good while looking great

Whether you decide to rent or buy, we will pack and ship your order to a parcel shop near you. The delivery date will be 1-2 days from your order date, unless you book items for future delivery. The packaging is reusable; along with the enclosed return label, you have your return kit. When you wish to return your items, simply put them in the reusable bag, affix the label and drop it off in your nearest parcel shop. When the package is scanned, payment for the item will automatically stop.



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